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Demister Pads

Carryover of liquid particulate matter by gas or vapor is generally termed as "entrainment", which is commonly encountered in Gas-Liquid separations. The Demister Pads, offered by us, are an entrainment eliminator, mass-produced exclusively by us. Our Demister Pads are specifically designed and fabricated from knitted wire of metallic or synthetic materials, to suit specific process configuration in existing or new equipment. When properly installed, the Demister Pads achieve 99.9% + separation efficiency with minimum pressure drop.


  • To minimize product loss in kettles, re-boilers, vacuum pans, crystallizers and evaporators e.g. Sugar Crystallization
  • To eliminate entrainment in knock-out Drum and Receivers
  • To eliminate entrainment that might damage compressors
  • To supplement equipment like Carbon absorbers and Electrostatic precipitators
  • In air pollution control, to eliminate toxic mist from off gases, e.g. Sulphuric acid plants
  • To reduce solvent losses in absorbers, scrubbers, distillation equipment e.g. Amine Treating Systems
  • In Automobile Industry, as protective insert in upholstery, vibration and shock damping, noise and sound reduction
  • In flame and spark extinction, as cross country gas/inflammable product pipelines, furnaces, ovens, vent tanks containing flammable liquids and flare gas systems
  • Sealing - Gaskets made of knitted wire mesh having different degree of re-silences - e.g. in cable industry, radiation, shielding, automobile and computer industry.
  • In Refinery towers to prevent Carbon and Metal Entrainment to Downstream Catalytic Cracker and Reformer units
  • In Liquid-Liquid systems such as Coalesces


Diameter 100 Mm - 1000 Mm
Thickness 100 Mm - 300 Mm
Weight 0-50Kg, 100-200Kg
Color Black-Grey
Pattern Plain
Condition New
 Use Industrial Use